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California Crane School and Crane Training

California Crane School conducts a two-day Crane Operator Certification course that covers both fixed cab (small) and swing cab (large) telescopic boom cranes.

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Crane Operator Certification Courses

Open enrollment Crane Operator Training classes are held monthly in Sacramento and Los Angeles. Private crane courses are also available on request.

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Crane Practical Testing

Swing and fixed cab telescopic boom cranes are available at each of our training locations. Prior to the Practical Exam, candidates are provided familiarization time on the same cranes they will be tested on.



Turn Key

From Application to Certification

Certification & Training

One telescopic boom crane (fixed cab) or (swing cab)


      • All certification testing fees.
      • Application administration.
      • Crane Operator Certification Written Exams (core exam & fixed or swing cab specialty exams).
      • Two Crane Operator Certification Practical Exams (fixed or swing cab).
      • Familiarization time with each crane.
      • Two day, 16 hour crane operator certification Written Exam preparation class.
(Passing written exams is guaranteed!)


The Complete Package

Both (fixed cab) and (swing cab) telescopic boom cranes


      • All certification testing fees.
      • Application administration.
      • Crane Operator Certification Written Exams (core exam & swing/fixed cab specialty exams).
      • Two Crane Operator Certification Practical Exams (swing/fixed cab).
      • Familiarization time with each crane.
      • Two day, 16 hour crane operator certification Written Exam preparation class.
(Passing written exams is guaranteed!)

This package includes everything you need to know in order to become a certified crane operator through The National Commission For The Certification Of Crane Operators.

Call the office to schedule an exam?(888) 967-PASS (7277).

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Crane Industry Updates

OSHA Requires All U.S. Crane Operators be Certified

In 2014, The Occupational Safety and Health Administration issued a?final ruling?stating that it would extend the original deadline?requiring all U.S. crane operators to become certified, to November 2017. Looking ahead, it appears that OSHA may choose to grant an additional one-year extension.

The National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO) has publicly voiced its support for the deadline extension. NCCCO’s letter to OSHA can be viewed?here.

According to reports, on June 20th, 2017 the Advisory Committee on Construction Safety and Health (ACCSH) ruled unanimously in favor of OSHA’s proposed one-year extension. It is now anticipated that OSHA will release a revised final ruling sometime during the Summer of 2017 explaining that the enforcement date for mandatory crane operator certification will be extended by one year. This means all crane operators must now become certified by November 2018 in order to continue working within the United States.

We will keep you updated as more information becomes available.


Signal Person Certification & Qualification

California Crane School explains OSHA’s requirements for signal persons to be qualified.

What's the deal?
Rigger Certification & Qualification

California Crane School explains OSHA's requirements for riggers.

What's the deal?

Top 10 Reasons to Certify with California Crane School:

California Crane School guarantees you will pass your Crane Operator Certification Written Exams -- or every class with us is free until you do. Here's the reality: many crane training schools advertise high pass rates, great instructors, and some sort of guarantee. So how can you separate the pretenders from the performers? To answer that question, you only need to look at our record; our first time pass rates consistently exceed 90%! Although there are rare instances when students are not able to pass on the first try, we stand by our guarantee that they will pass. That's an important difference between our program and all the other programs out there: if you don't pass the first time with us, we will continue to train you for free in any of our upcoming open enrollment classes until you are successful (for up to one year from the original training session).

With a guarantee like that you can count on us to stand behind our work!

California Crane School understands that when an operator is stuck at a crane school instead of working, loss of production is a concern. In response, we've designed a comprehensive three-day crane operator certification program. Our system is proven to be the fastest, most efficient path to achieving crane operator certification, while minimizing operator downtime. Over the years we've discovered that when a certification program is shorter, pass rates go down because students aren't given enough time to learn the basics. And when a certification program is longer, this too causes pass rates to go down because the course is not sticking to the core essentials.

California Crane School provides everything you need to pass the exams and return to work sooner!

After conducting hundreds of classes with thousands of students from all around the country, we have the experience needed to help you put a crane operator certification card in your pocket. Since 2004 we've offered monthly crane training classes in both Northern and Southern California. With over a decade's worth of hands on experience, our training system has been designed and refined through hundreds of classes.


Whether you're a lineman operating a digger derrick, a plumber operating a boom truck, or a full-time crane operator... California Crane School is here to help! We've trained thousands of experienced and non-experienced candidates from just about every industry and profession that makes use of cranes. If you're looking to become a certified crane operator (or seeking recertification) this program will help you pass. Private classes for groups of eight or more are also available -- at your site or ours. Customized to your particular needs, we provide the flexibility you need to have your training succeed.

When a crane training school fails to provide regularly scheduled, open enrollment crane training courses, students can end up waiting a long time before getting certified. We avoid this by giving you monthly options that fit your busy schedule. With California Crane School, you can rest assured that we will always be there when you need us.

We routinely work with a wide range of organizations; from utility companies such as PG&E, Southern California Edison, and SMUD -- to government entities such as The Army Core of Engineers, Dept of Water Resources, and the California Highway Patrol. Along with hundreds of cities, counties, and numerous other organizations, California Crane School has trained and continues to train some of the biggest names in the industry.

Conducting several classes per month allows us to constantly improve and update our training materials; this lets us keep up with all the latest subject matter from industry experts and we stay informed of what the certification companies are testing for. The Result? We have the highest first time pass rates in the country.

Did we mention that you will not fall asleep in our class? You won't see some old crane operator reading boring regulations and telling you a story about how big the crane was that he used to operate, sprinkled with war stories and jokes about ex-wives. We get to the point and keep you on your toes! You'll learn things about cranes you never even knew before, and you'll leave our class a better, more well-rounded operator because of it.

Many crane schools advertise very attractive rates but fail to include the testing fees required by the testing company. For the large and small telescopic boom cranes, the Written and Practical Exam fees equal $245.00 (not including any late or incomplete fees). Our prices always include all testing fees so that there are "No Hidden Costs"

This is what we do at California Crane School. We have cranes located at each facility that are specially selected to help you pass the tests and get certified. Since the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators requires operators to test on a crane with 70%-75% of the boom length of the crane, we only use cranes with boom lengths of less then 70' to give you every possible advantage. And since our training team conducts multiple classes around the country every month you can be sure we keep up to date with what you will need to know for the ever changing Written Exams!

OSHA Crane Regulations
OSHA Crane Regulations Final Rule
OSHA Crane Operator Certification
OSHA Crane Operator Certification
OSHA Signal Person Qualification & Certification
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OSHA Rigger Qualification & Certification
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